Our story

Nicholas and Philippe

Nicholas and Philippe, seasoned experts with over a decade of experience in the field of home automation, embarked on a new adventure to create IllumiDEL after their successful stint at Maison Domo and Divertissima. Their passion for enhancing architectural environments with smart lighting solutions has driven them to develop a brand that stands out for its quality and user-friendly technology.

What our customers say

“Since we installed IllumiDEL lighting solutions, our home shines with a refined elegance that delights our visitors and neighbors. The app is so easy to use that we can change the ambiance in an instant!” – Marie G., IllumiDEL Customer

“IllumiDEL lighting has transformed our store exterior. The space is now dramatically enhanced, attracting more visitors than ever before. Their system is incredibly intuitive.” – Marc D., IllumiDEL Customer

“As an architect, I often recommend IllumiDEL for my high-end residential projects. Their products are not only aesthetic and functional, but also easy to integrate into all types of spaces.” – Michel D., Architect

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